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Introducing our Limited Mystery Box! Every Myserty Box wins big. Inside each box, you are guaranteed $340+ in value. You have the opportunity to score a Mystery Box of up to $445 in value! 


Mytery Box Break Down: 

(10) Divergent V3 

Value: $445


(50) Black Retribution V2

Value: $400


(200) Paragon V2 

Value: $380


(50) Revenant V2, V3 Core, and a Classic Switch Box

Value: $355


(50)  2 Scavenger V3's , CoverTec Wheel, and a Belt Clip

Value: $350


(50) Nova V3 / Vega V3 Combo

Value: $340


Each order will be selected at random through a random number selection process, ensuring a fair and exciting unboxing experience. Plus, all sabers are covered with our 3-month warranty policy. 


Please Note: All sales are final, and no refunds, returns or exchanges will be accepted.


Mystery Box

SKU: Mystery

    WARNING: Do NOT use a power source that is over 5V and 1 Amp to charge your saber, doing so will fry the board. Check the specs of your charger and it is always recommended that you use a computers USB port to charge your saber (5V and 0.5 Amp).

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