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Each Covertec Wheel Includes:

  • (1) Covertec Wheel + Screw Needed To Attach Covertec Wheel To Hilt


Covertec Wheel & Belt Clip Specs:

  • The Covertec Wheel is an essential component that enables a secure attachment of your hilt to our Belt Clip accessory. With the Covertec Wheel in place, you can confidently and conveniently secure your hilt onto the belt clip, ensuring easy access and peace of mind. Experience the convenience and functionality of our Belt Clip and Covertec Wheel combination for effortless carrying of your saber.


Not Compatible With Some Hilts:

The Covertec Wheel is not compatible with all hilts and will not work on the Revenant, Retribution, Paladin, Nova or Paragon Sabers. It may be able to fit on some sabers that do not have a dedicated hole for a wheel by using one of the retention screw holes on the saber made for the blade.

The Scavenger, Zeta, Arc, Vega all have dedicated holes for covertech wheels and are compatible with this wheel. If you have any questions about compatibility please reach out to our support staff.


Covertec Wheel


    WARNING: Do NOT use a power source that is over 5V and 1 Amp to charge your saber, doing so will fry the board. Check the specs of your charger and it is always recommended that you use a computers USB port to charge your saber (5V and 0.5 Amp).

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