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Each Belt Clip Includes:

  • (1) Belt Clip


Belt Clip Specs:

  • Keep your saber within reach at all times with our convenient Belt Clip. Designed for easy attachment to your belt or waistband, it allows you to carry your saber with confidence and convenience. No more fumbling or searching for your saber when you need it the most. Experience the freedom of hands-free saber access with our reliable Belt Clip.


Please Note: To ensure compatibility with our Belt Clip, please make sure your saber is equipped with a Covertec Wheel.

Belt Clip


    WARNING: Do NOT use a power source that is over 5V and 1 Amp to charge your saber, doing so will fry the board. Check the specs of your charger and it is always recommended that you use a computers USB port to charge your saber (5V and 0.5 Amp).

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